It's the week before finals and the office workers at Nicolet High School in Glendale, WI are getting bored and restless. In a stroke of brilliance, they decide to get out of work by telling their Assistant to the Assistant to the Assistant Principal, Rishi, that they are going to spend the day relaxing – I mean – "reflecting" on the past year. During the day, they deal with many student interuptions, their crazy boss, as well as other shenanigans happening throughout the school. Sound familiar? It should! Get ready to experience our spoof on the hit TV show, The Office.*

Written and directed by Justin Wiemer and Haley Carneol. Produced by Mrs. Minda Byrne. Special thanks to the Yearbook Class and everyone involved.**

A video yearbook is a movie that usually accompanies a traditional yearbook. It highlights the year's events and can be as basic as a slideshow. This production is unique and innovative in that the topics covered are a part of the story not just a chronicle. Though some of the references are school specific, the video is still extremely enjoyable and comprehensive.

*Please don't sue us! **Some scenes are slightly blurred in order to protect the identity of the participants.

If you don't get it, laugh anyway. A guide to the jokes is coming soon.